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I've been using Emacs for 20 years, I realized. If you think about all the different things that come and go so quickly in this field, that's a pretty amazing run.

Thanks Stefan!

Same, come to think of it -- almost 20 to the day. In a world of modular software and months-old "unicorns," it's good to remember the monolithic, decades-old tortoises and bristlecones that remain and sustain.

Same here. About twenty years. Started programming with emacs and cvs on DEC Ultrix machines. Learned UNIX the hard way. Good old Dave sitting in the corner, hacking away on imake, and when asked about something answered "Try man something. Don't know what man is? Try man man".

Been on and off with emacs, but never really got into elisp. Only after having to learn Scheme/Racket for a Fluxus project, I read elisp with different eyes now. Really whish I got into Lisp earlier.

I feel the same. Not getting in to Lisp and Scheme decades ago has been my biggest regret, as far as technology goes.

22 for me. Damn I suddenly feel old.

You guys are kids. I used MINCE (Mince is Not Complete EMACS) in 1981.

> You guys are kids. I used MINCE (Mince is Not Complete EMACS) in 1981.

If we're going to get into I-can-top-that territory here <g>, I used some version of Emacs and Brian Reid's SCRIBE on a DEC-20 machine in 1980-82. (I was a law student; the AI guys at UT Austin's CS department let me have an account to experiment with word processing for the law review -- a grateful shout-out to Dr. Mabry Tyson, a grad student at the time, if by chance he reads this.) Then The Final Word [1] on a Compaq PC clone to do camera-ready copy for my first book. At my law firm I wrote an Emacs keyboard emulator for Word Perfect for MS-DOS (and posted it on CompuServe), then another one for Microsoft Word for Windows.


Now if I could only do more than pitiful coconut-headphone programming in Emacs Lisp ....

[1] https://goo.gl/d9MaKH (Google Books archive of 1983 review in PC Magazine)

You were a law student, then a lawyer, and found time for all that? Bravo!

Around that time I used gosling's emacs. I remember switching to gnu emacs a few years later and having to port all my .el files. Fun times.

You beat me. MicroEmacs on an Amiga....

I've been using Emacs for only four years. I would love to have a peek at you guys' .emacs files.

Donate to the FSF! :)

(I mean you don't have to obviously, but I think it's a good remainder for all of us that Emacs wouldn't exist without it. I've just bought a shirt myself!)

I used a port of Emacs created by Dan Bricklan (MIT) of Software Arts (Cambridge, MA) for the Prime minicomputer in 1980, so 35 years. Have used it ever since as my daily programming editor.

7 years there. No regrets (almost). Use it for everything except Java

More than 10. Emacs is my most used software.

For me, 18.59 was the last real solid release.

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