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I would encourage anyone who clicks the link to read through the thread. Pretty heartwarming to see the goodbyes, a definite mid-day boost :)

The tone of that thread definitely makes contributing to emacs development an appealing project.

I've made some trivial contributions (enough to require copyright papers, barely), and can confirm that it's a smart, positive community. There are the usual few kooks, and you absolutely must work within RMS's strict ideas on software freedom, but it's nowhere near LKML hostility and dysfunction. The regulars, including RMS, operate in and assume good faith.

Is LKML generally hostile to newcomers and not assuming good faith? I heard it had issues, but not this one.

They are only hostile to newcomers not willing to learn what is important for the project. Things like bug free code, code that does what is supposed to do in a way that does not interfere with other kernel parts, ...

That's a sentiment that every OSS project maintainer should take note of.

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