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The sheer vulture-like behavior of recruiters around this event is a sight to behold! Truly recruiting is the occupation for the shameless.

Speaking in personal capacity here rather than as CEO of a recruiting company: isn't after you've just been fired or near-fired the best possible time ever for a recruiter to try to give you a job offer? Most people need to work for a living. Getting people without jobs good jobs seems to be the socially most beneficial thing a recruiter could ever do.

What's the argument for waiting an hour? "I had a job for you but wanted to give you some time to process how you're unemployed and cast out as valueless?" Eff that. "You're awesome. Fault was with Twitter. Here's one of your numerous options. If you need a few weeks before start date we can totally do that but we're more than happy to fix your pressing issue today." seems objectively better.

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