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Playboy is done mostly by women. I assume it is hard to think the whole day about "What do men want?"

It was more Photoshop than photos. They published naked pictures of Merge Simpson. I mean, really?

This is how it can be done different:

[NSFW] https://www.amypink.com/de/

FYI, that link is NSFW ^^^

I probably should have taken that as a given, but I didn't, so I figured I'd warn anyone. I unfortunately am at work, and just flashed two naked women in a tub on my giant screen before ninja tab closing. Godspeed.

Yes. My fault. Sorry. Added a warning.

Actually, I find the main pic on the front page with the two Asian girls terrible. But I saw some beautiful pictures there previously.

No problem, will follow up in a non-work venue :) Thanks for adding the warning!

"Diese Webseite verwendet Cookies, um Dienste bereitzustellen, Anzeigen zu personalisieren und Zugriffe zu analysieren."

It seems whenever venturing to European sites the likelihood of seeing a warning/disclaimer about cookies is very high. Is it really necessary though?

To be honest I think it's getting a bit ridiculous to announce that your sites has cookies, even if the EU (or whoever came up with this) insists you need to do so. If I were a website owner in Europe I would have just ignored this requirement as it's probably very unlikely to be prosecuted for lack of adherence.

FWIW, Google has been pushing its European AdSense publishers to implement the cookie notice for a while now.

Most small sites ignore it I'd say, but if you're a big company your legal guys will be much more relaxed if you don't just ignore EU law.

That's pretty cool. Always looking for interesting publications to strengthen my German.

The Marge Simpson issue is the only one I've ever bought.

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