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This truly sucks - I'm sorry to hear that. If you're one of the unlucky engineers that caught up in all this - reach out to the email address in my profile. We're hiring tons of awesome engineers at Uber, and if that's not the right fit for you I can help get you connected to other SF companies as well.

Spit balling an idea here for Site X.

-Twitter lays off a bunch of engineers.

-Twitter employees create job profile, with Twitter permission on Site X.

-Site X is accessible to other large tech companies looking for experienced engineers. Site X is a showcase of recently laid off employees filtered by layoff group (#368 employees, Twitter, Fall 2015).


Pro's - other tech companies can locate talent without having to weed through thousands of resumes.

-engineers can transition from one company to another quickly.

-Twitter shows support for "helping transition to another job."


Con's - is this considered poaching?

-Do other companies want those engineers that got laid off? Are they considered low quality, or just were redundant?

Even if they were good engineers, the perception will be that they weren't as a result of product progress being delayed.

True, however if you were head of HR for a tech company, would you rather take a risk with a recent Twitter employee, or take a risk with applicants you receive online? It would almost be like a pre-vetting process.

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