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This was an enjoyable article. There is an obvious extension which is to mturk the results and feed the mturk data back into the net. Just give the turkers 5 headlines and ask them which they would click first, repeat a hundred times per a thousand turkers or whatever.

Years ago I considered applying for DoD grant money to implement something reminiscent of all this for military propaganda. That went approximately nowhere, not even past the first steps. Someone else should try this (insert obvious famous news network joke here, although I was serious about the proposal). To save time I'll point out I never got beyond the earliest steps because there is a vaguely infinite pool of clickbaitable English speakers on the turk, but the pool of bilingual Arabic (or whatever) speakers with good taste in pro-usa propaganda is extremely small, so the tech side was easy to scale but the mandatory human side simply couldn't scale enough to make the output realistically anything but a joke.

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