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Have a feeling that Twitter is one of the uniocorns to go next year.

He's approaching this as a simple restructure & pray with engineering teams when in fact the problem is a much more serious problem, there's a loss of confidence in Twitter from investors.

I guess cutting when investors feel like it's due is a good way to appear like you are making changes when in fact the problem with Twitter is much more deep rooted and a fundamental flaw.

1) Investors realize twitter is horrible for monetization

2) Investors are out of patience or trust

3) Twitter scrambles to find a sustainable revenue source.

4) Twitter cuts off Hootsuite and launches competing business

5) Twitter's massive botnets disappear revealing only a small number of it's userbase is active sparking SEC involvement.

Yes but Twitter fits in within mainstream media. Facebook could take the #hashtag business, but the pseudonymity of Twitter has general appeal. Doing anything but advertising is a bad deal for either Facebook or Twitter. CPA is really a bad deal for the platform.

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