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IT world need a better class consciousness. The class struggle isn't something from the past. Twitter is one of the biggest company of the net economy, and it actually can fire 336 employees because "the world needs a strong Twitter". How a big company like this one can be authorized to fire people this way? Who employee are gonna react? Are they gonna fight?

Ok, we are not working at the mine, we are working on servers and data, and concept and communication tools, comfortably sitten in white offices, but these company makes a huge amount of money with our work and then will throw employees like garbage? Noooo, this is not acceptable. Jack, do you think that people will take your generous exit package and feel fine: no, some will experiment some difficulties to find a new job, some will divorce, some will be obliged to sell what they build to survive, some will get depression because of unemployment, some might even commit suicide. The price to pay for this can't be equal to your exit packages.

There is a serious problem here. And we are not organized at all to fight this. But workers could unite again. After all organizing a servers strike is not that hard. I wonder why it don't happen.

Workers of the world, unite!

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