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Video Reconstruction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDiLEyT9spI

At the 10.30 mark you can see the missile impact on the plane.

News article reconstruction: https://archive.is/pmMY2

Large portions of the NYT article were rewritten after first publication this morning.

Wow, thats an amazing video.

the reconstruction is wrong as they depict the missile coming from the front-right and crossing the flight path of the plane. In reality the missile came from the front-left, from the rebels positions much north of the Torez/Snezhnoe (that the report strangely insists on as the point of launch).

The BUK missile shrapnel flies perpendicular to the missile's direction. It is a simple geometric task to show how that shrapnel has also hit the left engine and clipped the left wing with the direction of the shrapnel damage there matching the direction of the damage to the pilot cabin.

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