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Here's what "giving it straight" really looks like, while also having a chance to save face:

    As part of a restructuring of our workforce, we must layoff 336 people from across 
    the company.

    This is an extremely difficult decision. We believe this is a necessary step to put 
    our company on a stronger path towards growth. The team has been working around the 
    clock to produce streamlined roadmap for Twitter, Vine, and Periscope and they are 
    shaping up to be strong. With the utmost respect for each and every person, Twitter 
    will go to great lengths to take care of each individual by providing generous exit 
    packages and help finding a new job.
    The roadmap is a plan to change how we work, and what we need to do that work. 
    Product and Engineering will make the most significant structural changes to 
    reflect our plan ahead, focused on the experiences which will have the greatest 
    impact. We feel strongly that Engineering will move much faster with a smaller and 
    nimbler team, while remaining the biggest percentage of our workforce. And the rest 
    of the organization will be streamlined in parallel.

    Let's take this time to express our gratitude to all of those who are leaving us. 
    We will honor them by doing our best to serve all the people that use Twitter. We 
    do so with a more purpose-built team, which we'll continue to build strength into 
    over time, as we are now enabled to reinvest in our most impactful priorities. As 
    always, please reach out to me directly with any ideas or questions.
Notice I left out Moments, because I think it's in really poor form to mention efforts made before the layoff, with those 336 people, as being a part of this new roadmap that includes laying off those 336 people. Really, really poor move.

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