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Wow, these aren't proofread by anyone?

> The team has been working around the clock to produce streamlined roadmap for Twitter,

"to produce streamlined roadmap" Really?

I'm not sure what the typo is, care to explain?

Since "streamlined roadmap" is singular, it must be prefaced with an "a".

The correct phrase would be "to produce a streamlined roadmap." (if it were plural, you could instead use "to produce streamlined roadmaps.)

I'm normally not a Grammar Nazi, but when you're talking about drafting a short SEC filing that will be read by hundreds of thousands, declaring the fate of 8% of your workforce... I think the least you can do is make it look like you put some effort into it. Of course, my initial post has been downvoted to hell, but such is life. I probably should have actually included this explanation and disclaimer in my OP rather than expecting it to be self-evident.

Or, more simply, "I don't give a shit".

Same difference.

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