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Why is this email on sec.gov?

It's expected to impact their earnings, so as a public company, they are required to file a notice of the change:


I'm guessing the fact that this email shows up on the SEC web site may have to do with this:

> Per Chapter 4, Part 4, Sections 1400-1408 of the Labor Code, WARN protects employees, their families, and communities by requiring that employers give a 60-day notice to the affected employees and both state and local representatives prior to a plant closing or mass layoff.


No, that would have been put on the Department of Labor site.

Good catch.

Twitter filed a Form 8-K with the SEC this morning.


I'm not a securities lawyer, but I think the basic idea is that news about the layoffs (and the associated costs) was deemed to be material information, so under reg FD it has to be released to all investors simultaneously.

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