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An almost complete LiDAR scan of Spain is also publicly available. I wrote about it here and included a few samples: http://wechoosethemoon.es/2015/09/05/lidar-espana-3D/

Sadly it is in Spanish but I hope available areas and pictures of expected results are clear enough! LiDAR data is provided as 2 Km x 2 Km squares of RGB-colored points in *.laz format. If someone is interested I can translate into English or point to the sources.

Hey Jorge, thanks for sharing! I would be interested in a translation, since I'm based in Barcelona and would love to do some experiments with the data, focused on Barcelona.

I will try to allocate time! Fortunately Barcelona is covered, you just need to head to this page: http://centrodedescargas.cnig.es/CentroDescargas/buscador.do (there's an English button on the upper right corner) and select "LiDAR" in the menu. You can then select by drawing a polygon or uploading a shapefile and click search. You will be taken to a download page with the files that intersect your selection =)

Edit: see for example this data in the Barceloneta area I just pulled: http://i.imgur.com/ayCK7MC.png

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