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'All 11 terabytes of our LIDAR data (that’s roughly equivalent to 2,750,000 MP3 songs)' or a stack of paper 513 kilometers high :)

[pedantic]Using what encoding, font, font size, margins, etc? [/pedantic]

Paper's about 0.1mm thick. Therefore 513km of paper contains approximately 5.13 billion sheets.

Given that there's 11TB of data, that means that each sheet contains about 2360 bytes. (Printing on one side.) That's an 80x30 grid. A4 is 210x297mm, so (holding the paper landscape for convenience and assuming a 2cm margin) that makes for 3.5x6.3mm letters. Different encodings give you slightly different sized letters, but it's all roughly the same.

So I'd guess around 10 to 11 point.

Has this helped?

They aren't effectively using their paper then.

So... what is the most dense, reliably machine readable, format that can be printed on ordinary paper with a consumer inkjet?

Also what gsm is the paper

Also where would this stack of paper be placed? After all gravitational pull is not uniform around the planet.

Also, how embossed is the lettering?

Also, how resistant to compression and moisture is this paper? Because zombies might be trying to climb it to get to me, and they might have wet hands.

This is starting to look like reddit...

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