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Hell yes! This will be useful in my long term aim of procedurally generating rolling english hills for video game purposes...

EDIT: with the resolution of this thing, maybe I won't need to generate them, maybe I can just set the game in the real england...

You don't need this data to do that. OSM already releases everything you need including gridded height data and vector building maps.

I've used that data for this exact purpose before. Shoot me a message explaining what you're looking for.

Thanks. You don't have an email in your profile though. The one in the email field is just for HN itself to contact you, you have to put it in the `about` field for other people to see it.

EDIT: my email is in my profile, so hit me up if you dont want to expose yours.

Hey, I did, might be caught by spam given I have a terribly hacked up MX :D

Has to be very long-term then, given the fact it's 11 terabytes. Of course, you probably won't need all of that data / resolution and would have enough of 1/20th of that.

Exactly. Maybe I'd just need to extract some kind of statistical model.

Are you familiar with "Sir, You Are Being Hunted"? The game's developers have a great blog on their procedurally generated English countryside.

I had a look at that. They've done a great job of generating enclosed crop fields from voronoi diagrams, but that's not the kind of countryside I need, rolling hills and valleys. The south downs, basically. The topography is important for gameplay.

BTW for anyone interested they did a talk at some conf or other which goes into more detail than the blogpost.

I'm fascinated with the idea of simulating geological processes, particularly volcanism and glaciation - probably because I live in Edinburgh!

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