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Key quote: "Keep in mind that UML is a communication tool, and you can omit details that are not necessary for expressing your message."

Haha, yes.

All the "Software Engineering" classes at university were just UML. Many years I thought SE was just that, UML.

When I did my first job interview I was rather relieved that the hiring manager wanted me to draw UML. He was very pleased with my UML skills, but he always said, I shouldn't draw it with all the details, just the basics are enough :D

That was 2011... I never had to use UML in an interview again. But I often used it as a documentation tool for a big PHP codebase, I had to manage.

UML and ER diagrams are often an overkill when designing an app. But they are nice to visualize what is going on in legacy stuff.

What about the parts that are necessary to express my message, but are not covered by UML?

See: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5876803

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