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I was hoping for Intellectual Ventures.

Ha ha, exactly. Just like there are a few baseball umpires who are so bad you learn their names (Angel Hernandez, Phil Cuzzi, Joe West), Intellectual Ventures is one of the "companies" that most developers know of for all the wrong reasons. I remember when they sued every maker of "todo list" software.

> I remember when they sued every maker of "todo list" software.

Hmm, I must have missed that one. Link?

Turns out I was mistaking Angel Hernandez for Phil Cuzzi...so to speak. It was Channel Intelligence not IV that I was thinking of.



Ah I see, thanks. I've been following IV for a while and this didn't seem familiar, so was wondering.

Randomly, I met one of the founders of Intellectual Ventures today. I wasn’t sure if I was resolving the name right and, unfortunately in retrospect, I didn’t ask, ”Oh, the massive patent troll?”

Are you in Bellevue? One of them lived in my building.

No, in Palo Alto. I guess this founder is based here.

Depends on how sloppy and bullheaded they are. In this case, the defendant had already paid to license these patents, and the troll evidently dragged its feed in dealing with its mistake. A bit akin to The SCO Group v. The Universe, in which they didn't have the rights to UNIX(TM).

No way is a good judge going to let this off with a "mistakes were made" attitude.

It may not have been IV, but I doubt they missed this story. Or this one http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2015/10/east-texas-judge-...

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