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One possible solution is making corporate lobbying illegal, with severe penalties, i.e. long prison sentences for those involved. Corporate lobbying corrupts democracy, so why should it be allowed to exist?

Then, simplify the tax system. The more complex a system is, the easier it is to game. If necessary, tax revenue instead of profits: if a widget is sold here, the company which sold it should be taxed here.

I agree with both ideas. Unfortunately for the thing to be fixed those passing laws should benefit from it being fixed -- but on the contrary they benefit for it being broken.

So, the first thing that should probably be fixed is: no campaign donations, at all.

Campain donations just let the politicians catering to the richer population get more advertising and marketing power.

I'd go as far as forbid all political / campaign advertising. If they want to convince, let them organically convince their local voters, then their state, and up to the whole party etc. Not with costly marketing, videos and large, costly, speaking appearances.

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