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A Simpler Vim Statusline (blaenkdenum.com)
54 points by tambourine_man on Oct 13, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

All these recent posts about peoples' "light" vim configs and they're complex as hell.

There is some advantage to installing pathogen, airline, and just leaving it. Notably, defaults take like three lines of vimrc and you don't have to make a blog post to remind yourself how to decipher it six months later.

Ironically, all the things this guy decries as "noise" I find fairly useful. There are parts I don't use, but selectively ignoring them is much easier than adding even more lines to my two-page vimrc which is already bigger than I'd like.

Sometimes simple is more clever than complex.

Setting up a gutter-sized band for displaying the column number (https://github.com/blaenk/dots/blob/d928a76d802159960d8b2768...) is a pretty neat idea.

I'm stealing that, except I'm using the gutter to show the buffer number.

Speaking of simple -- the %M flag in 'statusline' gives you the + for modified files. No need to use an expression block.

I like to use the status line to keep track of buffer-local options that differ from the default setting. That's what https://github.com/tomtom/tstatus_vim gives me.

I switched from powerline, to airline, and then to lightline. I got tired of installing patched fonts (source code pro is available in many package repos). Powerline also seems a little too all-encompassing.

One thing I would love (I know, it's frivolous) is full color emoji in my Linux terminal, though that doesn't seem like it's coming any time soon.

I believe you could have emoji in your terminal with an oh-my-zsh plugin, if you use the zsh shell.

Unless I'm mistaken, full-color emoji aren't a property of the shell; they're a function of the terminal. Emoji are simply text, and it is up to the terminal to render that. (i.e., the application, be it the shell or Python etc. outputs an emoji code point, and the terminal renders that — potentially as full-color emoji if it or the font rendering layer knows what to do. Works quite well in OS X, where the font support is great.)

There are grey scale emoji fonts, but as far as I know there is no way to render full color images as fonts in X11.

You can get emoji fonts, just not real, full color emoji like on the Mac. They're monochrome and they don't look good.

Can mods please add [2013] to the title.

Wth people. Just set laststatus=0.

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