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so this is just a bit of glue code for imagemagick/ffmpeg that I use to generate my blog.

Last time I was on HN there was some interest in what I was using for the backend, so I cleaned up the code a bit and put it on github

Thank you so much. I bookmarked your blog about Inner Mongolia a while ago and wanted to find out how you did it. Thanks for publishing it!

This is awesome I just showed it to a friend of mine who was still using a flicker blog to host then a blogger blog to grab the images and compile them then a wordpress blog to display them........................ To say the least this has been awesome.

Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed your photo-essays and I'm among those interested in how you present them.

Out of curiosity, what kind of photography equipment was used for these photos and videos? They are really nice.

I was using a panasonic GX7 with the kit lens and 20mm 1.7 prime, and a few random vintage lenses. I'm glad you enjoyed it :]

I see that camera toted by a lot of photographers after I go "Oh wow, these photos look great!"

As much as it's the artist over the tool - I think I'm going to invest in this camera as my next step into photography. I've seen nothing but praise for the GX7.

I suggest you also get the mentioned Lumix 20mm lens with it: it’s simply a beautiful lens, even compared to more expensive ones. Its only downside is a not exactly state of the art focus speed, but it’s manageable, especially if you plan to do this type of travel photography.

I was actually planning on that, seeing as I have little knowledge of lens other than the lens matters as much if not more than the camera used.

Figure if I like the output I may as well invest in similar tools and practice. :) (Unless most of those photos are w/ the vintage lens that went unnamed...)

I didn't use the vintage lenses all that much, autofocus and zoom is just much more convenient. Also on the web 4k is pretty much the max viewable resolution. Camera lenses are designed for the sensor resolution which is typically 2-4x that amount, so lens quality almost doesn't matter for pictures viewed on the web.

I chose the GX7 because it's really small and light with decent image quality. If I were getting started now I'd be taking a serious look at the sony A7 M1.

It sounds like you mixed up two cameras? The Olymus E-M1 and the Sony A7.


the em1 is probably more comparable to the gx7, but now that the A7ii is out the original A7 is a lot more affordable. I do miss the eshutter though.

This is really nice.

Were the video's created using the GX7 time lapse feature?

yep, that came in really handy. Timelapse + eshutter works great together, you can get thousands of captures on a single battery.

thank you for sharing. i like the design and will be checking this out.

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