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i am continuously impressed by the esp8266. i have been building things on and off with them for the last couple of months, and bought enough of them to give out.

at less than $2 each, they really are amazing.

I bought one as well although I didn't do anything yet, would you mind share what you did/recommend doing? I was thinking to make a temperature sensor monitoring device, as I have an arduino that is doing the job now

a temperature sensor was actually my first use of it (and i will continue to build a couple as remote sensors) - basically, i've been adding more and more sensors just to see how much it could take.

now, i'm having to build out PCB's to support everything (including the voltage regulators to 3.3v and 5v), as i've outgrown breadboards.

Thanks, that is my plan too, add as many sensor as I could! For the moment I have a microphone, a water level and a couple of temperature sensors waiting for a microcontroller.

Could you link a couple of links to resources you found useful? I haven't look at it properly but when I try to search I was a bit confused and not sure on where to start




using the arduino environment, i had a circuit up reporting temperature in less than 5 minutes.

Hey @jerrysievert, this is Omer from Cesanta. Great to hear that Smart.js worked for you. Would you mind sharing a bit more on your project? I can be reached at omer at cesanta.com Thanks and best of luck!

thanks! I didn't know about Cesanta so I made my own from scratch, but it is very bulky.

I've made motion sensors (still slightly buggy) and a small circuit to start my laundry machine remotely. I might do temp/humidity monitoring for a specialized application at some point.

Where do you get them for $2?


Got a link? There are a bunch of them there... But i'm kinda curiouis which one you bought. So i don't have to analyse things all over ;)

no link, the place i bought mine from in august doesn't appear to have any anymore.

i recommend buying the esp-12e, and the first one on my search comes up at $1.97. note, these things aren't breadboard friendly out of the box. if you want that, buy a huzzah from adafruit or buy one of the breakout boards on aliexpress (17 cents each or so).

For the 12E to start with, take a look at the nodemcu dev boards. More expensive but it's a great little board to start a project on and then go to the bare module since it includes all the usb<->ttl, and regulator stuff.

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