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Wasn't this posted yesterday? I swear I saw it in the RSS feed.

edit: Yeah, https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10369608 Weird, what's a repost invite?

We've been running a series of experiments to try to mitigate the randomness of what achieves liftoff from /newest. We started working on this because many users complained that good stories were getting ignored, and we looked closely and found that this was true. Below are links to a few comments I've posted about this over the last year, if anyone's interested. The next experiment will probably be to add a profile setting that people can turn on to let the software repost their story at a good time, rather than having to get an email invitation—although to judge from the feedback we've been getting, people seem to like the emails.




Cool! Thanks for working on making interesting stories more visible.

What would be awesome is if by doing this the community system gradually trains itself to post more interesting stories in the first place.

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