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I'm seeing my upvoted comments through the URL even though the "saved" link doesn't appear on my status bar (top bar ? I don't know how it's called). I have 47 karma at the time of posting this.

As an aside, I love HN, it's full of good respectful discussions about topics I care about, but sometimes I feel it needs a tutorial about the actual features of the site. Like with this much karma you can upvote, with this much you can downvote...

Does it tie in with the site's hacker audience? Something like "Smart people will figure it out"? Maybe it's to prevent users from gaming the system by targeting a specific level of rights...

The saved link should appear in your profile, when you click your username.

Oh right, thanks. :)

I mistook it for a link along with "new" "threads" "comments" as the title, "saved", appeared next to it.

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