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This is how I optimise my productivity:

- Make a list every morning of your priorities - Take a break every 1.5hrs minimum - Exercise at least every second day for 30mins - At the end of the week review where you were unproductive (due to the benefit of hindsight, missed opportunities, focussing on the wrong thing) - Pen and paper can't be beaten for some activities

I also fast one day a week as it sharpens my mind.

>I also fast one day a week as it sharpens my mind.

I tried this and my body literally can NOT handle this. When I fast one day the next day my body goes nuts and I eat everything in sight.

I fast til diner (5 pm) and then eat all my protein + calories. This builds a kind of 'buffer' for random food I didn't expect (lunch with someone I met that day, birthday cake, etc)

He only exercises 30 minutes every other day. I would try exercising 30 minutes every day before this fasting. As someone that exercises 1+ hour a day I gotta say I couldn't think without proper nutrition, even delayed a few hours.

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