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Why are you taking Adderall? I just read the symptoms of ADHD and that is not something worth medicating for especially with amphetamines. You're a human. We're all different and some of us have more energy than others. It's ok to be hyperactive and not be able to concentrate if that's who you are. Try cutting sugar from your diet and meditating instead of cramming yourself full of Adderall. Anyone would go crazy pumping that shit in everyday. If that doesn't help after a week or two find a professional psychiatrist.

Better don't tell people on medication to stop taking them for a week or two, and if it doesn't work go to a professional.

Well, it depends on why they're taking the medication. You're correct if it's prescribed, but if they're taking it off their own back, it makes sense to suggest they ease off it.

I based my comments on the following observations:

-It's well known that Americans are over medicated.

-It's highly plausible that the Adderall is the cause of the psychosis.

-Physicians in the US are paid a sales bonus for prescribing medication to their patients.

It's really sad that things have progressed to this stage but taking amphetamines every day is not a good idea no matter what way you want to paint it.

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