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thank you for this!

just out of curiosity, what are you (and the other commenters) planning to use this for?

I myself was trying to download all X509 server certificates on the Internet I could find to:

- gain some insight into the dealings of CAs

- see if private keys were reused across multiple sites

- check the average expiry date of certificates etc.

My intentions is that I want a complete list of .no (Norwegian) domains, and http://norid.no refuse to give out that list to anyone.

I would like to be able to continuously check the Norwegian IP-space for compromised sites, because it would be interesting to see. Of course doing this on a bigger scale would be cool as well.

This might be useful for that: https://scans.io/study/sonar.ssl

Yes I found that some time afterwards, so I decided not to continue with it ;) I did gather about 1.4M certificates in the process though.

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