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1. If you've been posting content similar to the Danish cartoons or Charlie Hebdo's, your main worry is not the FBI.

2. "Uncorroborated sources" means little. If there was an imminent threat they would tell you.

3. If you were in trouble, you would already be under arrest.

4. This was a preliminary meeting to see if you have any interest in becoming an informant for them. Expect that request to come soon.

5.If you've purchased grow house bulbs in the past six months or dozens of packages of ephedrine, then rest assured that your online postings have nothing to do with their visit.

If you are really concerned, here's a tip: lawyers are plentiful in the United States. You are not eligible for a free lawyer, but call your local federal court and ask for the names of attorneys who handle CJA appointments. Or call the local chapter of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, or contact their Washington office for a referral. Your new lawyer will quickly discover the level of the Bureau's interest.

Thanks for the response.

1. I post worse. I quote the Qur'an directly (verses on violence, sexism, slavery) and receive death threats in return!

2. If it means little, why even make the trip to my home?

3. Good to know that too.

4. I don't know anything about anyone, so how can I even be an informant?

5. Not even sure what "house bulbs" or "ephedrine" are... so I guess I'm safe?

2. They want you to start thinking about your safety, to start paying attention to what's happening around you, and to start thinking about making yourself harder to find. It's not an emergency, it's not a panic, but it's time to start thinking and seeing what you can do (without totally messing up your life). Do what you can now. Think about how you can be in a position to do more.

5. Drug growing or manufacturing supplies. It's fine if you don't get it.

2. They made the trip to your home to see if you will work with them. 4. By following their directions and giving them information they send you out to obtain, even if you think you "don't know anyone." You do. You may not "know" your followers, but you have contact with them. The agency will explain how to target people. 5. Grow house bulbs are specialized light bulbs for the growing of marijuana indoors. Ephedrine is precursor to methamphetamine.

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