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Well, since you know Angular, why not master it? Learn its quirks, how it differs from other frameworks, strengths and weaknesses, it's internals and how it works internally. It's seldom to find someone who can fully explain how a framework works. Keep yourself up to date with its developments, contribute to it.

Or you could master JavaScript instead. Keep yourself with up to date with the upcoming standards, know its quirks, potential uses and even formulate creative uses with the new APIs. Personally, I would go with this as you will be flexible in any environment that runs JS, framework or no framework, browser or some other platform.

Since JS is not just limited to the web, there's a bunch of other fields to explore. Not all are for finding new jobs, but knowing them could add sugar to your portfolio.

- Robotics, there's the Tessel.

- If you're into type-hinted JS, then there's TypeScript.

- Embedding JS in a microcontroller, there's MuJS.

- Programming on mobile, there's PhoneGap.

- Taking that further, where JS is your phone's platform, there's FirefoxOS.

- Into game development, there's a lot of game engines for JS.

- Desktop app development, there's NW.js

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