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Uhhhh ... My gut reaction is usually anti feds but since in the case you actually have a track record of receiving these death threats before ... to the extent that it made you flee your home country ... it seems pretty legit. What other activities are you involved with that you think are a more likely reason for the FBI to show up at your door?

I'm not going to incriminate myself publicly, but let's just say .torrent files exist on my PC.

It's very unlikely that this has anything to do with your troubles. Unless you distribute content to the extent that other nations have requested assistance in stopping your operation, I can't imagine dispatching the FBI to deal with that.

Yes ... if it wasn't clear from context my question to the OP should have been read with snark. This is a good time to apply Bayes's theorem.

If that's a serious concern, now would be a good time to encrypt, backup your data remotely and re-format everything.

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