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Hi Sama, I'm the founder of nanowe. We're launching an IoT product this year and have a great team working all days and nights on it.

I get the feeling our startup can't be that bad not to be a part of YC as we have everything in place but need a great platform & community to showcase what we're building. Hardware is tough and takes more money and we're about to raise a convertible note using YC SAFE docs. Does this make our case weaker to be accepted into YC?

The link on your front page pointing at https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/ahmedabad/Ahmedabad... returns a TLS error due to an akamai misconfiguration.

All the press releases in https://www.nanowe.com/newsroom/press-releases/ just show headlines, no content.

From your website, I'm having a hard time figuring out what your company actually does.

Thanks for reporting the error, some more bugs might be there, we will fix them before hitting the market.

Well our company is just our people - and what we do best is we don't give up! https://www.nanowe.com/timeline We also build products, some of them have failed and some we killed recently in order to focus on one big thing.

Definitely not--we certainly understand that some startups need to raise more money than others.

Great! I'll submit the application asap.

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