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sama: Jacqueline Novogratz (CEO of Acumen) once said that a major challenge of building modern finance in developing nations is that developing communities often have lots of trust (within themselves) but not much accountability.

In your position at YC, founders and investors alike trust you with lots of information. You have a unique view of where money is flowing and how equipped companies are to compete with each other. I'm sure you'd have amazing answers for Peter Thiel's "tell me something you believe is true but nobody else agrees with" and you'd probably be right on a lot of the points due to information available uniquely to you.

As YC grows, what actions do you plan on taking to ensure its accountability? In particular, how do you plan to help founders who for whatever reason don't directly participate in YC?

I think we're pretty accountable--if for example we started misusing information that would quickly become known and founders would stop applying to YC.

I think most things we do to help YC startups help the community in general. Think how much better the ecosystem for founders is now than 10 years ago! We take our responsibility as a sort of flag-bearer for the startup movement seriously.

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