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Your talks and latest actions suggest that YC is now more dedicated to making a better future, rather than helping individuals succeed. (thank you for that)

Our startup is a for-profit company. However, as a part of our strategy we are making a lot of medical data open sourced. Even if we completely fail, we will move the leave an extremely positive footprint on traditional Chinese medicine industry. Q: 1. How would you suggest balancing good intensions for the industry with making money? 2. Should we reflect this in the application and how?

Thank you!

Sounds interesting. Link?

Not finished yet, but I'm happy to show sketches and explain everything. Ping me any time at d@spaceherbs.com or just call 415.960.9373 (Dan)

First versions are: http://spaceherbs.com/client/old/client/index.html http://spaceherbs.com/herbs http://spaceherbs.com/client/new/client/index.html

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