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Two questions:

* Would you consider investing in a company that invents a toilet paper holder where the TP can only be inserted in the OVER position? This is a huge problem world-wide that should be solved immediately. The market is huge! B2B, B2C, you name it, there's toilet paper!

* All seriousness aside, do you have any advice for building an app that has no clear money-making potential? I've had this idea brewing for years, but no matter how much I think about, I have no idea how to monetize it.

All good investors know it goes under, thats where the market is.

Categorically not true! All investors who put their toilet paper on the roll in the under position have such poor judgment that they're technically just gamblers!

I was a dedicated "over" guy until one of my cats discovered how easy and fun it was to unroll it. I had to switch to "under".

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