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I'm having trouble with the what are you making portion of the application. I know the product speaks for itself but no matter how I try to explain it to people they get confused without seeing it which means I'm not doing a great job of explaining it. Trying to compare it to existing technology doesn't work well with the product, or I can't find the right comparison. What's your advice on how to best answer this question, aside from being concrete and matter of fact?

You have to learn how to do this. If you can't get good at explaining what your product does, you will struggle in all aspects of your business. Make this your number one priority (though also consider that if people have a hard time understanding what you're doing, it may be a sign that it's not a good idea).

Thanks for the feedback. I think my product is an idea that sounds bad or confusing but is really solid or has the capability of transforming into something really brilliant. I just need to focus in. Ive shown large groups of people the product and they immediately understand it and always have one or two use cases for the product.

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