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Hi Sam,

the YC Research announcement got me very excited, particularly as someone who experiences the pain points you described first hand on a daily basis.

First question, would YC Research be limited to the US or would you consider other countries (e.g. Canada in my case)?

Also, would you ever consider partnering with existing Public/Government institutions? There are lots of very good people already working on some really interesting projects (yes, even in the public sector :) ), and I believe they need support and direction (and some actual business sense). So to re-phrase my question, would YC Research ever consider some sort of support/consulting platform for existing (possibly public) organizations?

Thank you very much for taking the time!

Limited to the US for now but maybe not forever. Someone in Canada should start something similar!

Yes, very happy to collaborate with outside orgs.

Thank you Sam! Follow-up question: would you be interested in helping me start something similar in Canada, or know people who would? :)

TandemLaunch (www.tandemlaunch.com) is a close proxy, though still oriented to ultimately build technology companies (but still very deep tech focused). We are obviously not in the same scale league as yc, but we are in Canada :).

Hey hey - another Canadian here. :)

Just sent you a LinkedIn add; I'm working on a product designed to accelerate tech transfer and generally would like to support scientific research in any way I can. Can we connect?

A similar YC Research location related query so I'll file it here.

How about the EU?

The cynic in me would love to be proved wrong by YC Research. I don't agree that academia is as broken as many here contend but I am intrigued by the re-imagining.

What I think people overlook is that academia is a blend of education and research whereas YC Research and other research-only institutes don't have to worry about educating the next generation so it's apples and oranges folks. Still... I genuinely wish the venture well, very exciting move.

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