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I'm currently on H1B, if we get accepted, will my working visa be a problem?

We will connect you to lawyers that can help, but it can be a real challenge unfortunately :(

sigh. I wish YC could become an umbrella company who can accept immigrants working on their startups on h1b under the name of YC employee.

This can be a good hack around the broken immigration system, if it ever happens!

No matter how good the founder or team is, an idea requires at-least 3-4 months of nourishment to crystallize into something promising.

Unfortunately, on H1B if one quits his job, he needs to leave the country. Around me, I see many good ideas by good people not being pursued because of this.

@billconan, u might be interested in unshackled.co. they hire onto a h1b.

as an immigrant entrepreneur myself, there are other visas other than a h-1b that would allow you to work/stay through YC.

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