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I fixed that typo. We will make sure to review thoroughly and better we will offer tools to the community to edit and moderate. Currently, we can add more moderators for the page.

1] Quora is great for getting crowdsourced opinions. Ex: Its great for I am turning 30 what do I do with my life. There is no 1 person expert in that. But when I want something like 'How does YC decide whom to make a partner' => I want one of the partners to answer it and not just opinions. The partners can just become moderators of their Q&A page and do that.

2] For the page I shared, it's more like a Q&A Wikipedia. Wikipedia just has facts while these Q&As and discussions are also valuable. Here are few more wiki like pages: www.askmeanything.me/influencers/markcuban www.askmeanything.me/influencers/GuyKawasaki

For Above YC/Guy Kawasaki, Mark Cuban can anytime claim ownership.

3] At the same time, we also have interesting people answering questions all the time on their Own page Founding Engineer of Pinterest: www.askmeanything.me/influencers/yashnelapati

4] We also have startups using us to customize their Q&A page and tell their stories and use it for humanizing their brands(Brand marketing) www.askmeanything.me/brands/tint

This will evolve pretty quickly though. We did all the above in 2 months.

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