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This is cool, but,...18F are consultants, who pop in, wave a magic wand, and pop out. Many of its employees are.bound by law to a max 2 or 4 year term. Will cloud.gov support its users for 5, 10, 15 years?

18F are _not_ consultants. They're federal employees with a term limit who are domain experts.

EDIT: See sailfast's comment below. I think we're quibbling over semantics.

A chunk of 18F are consultants to other government agencies and provide their services to government for a 100% cost-reimbursable fee for specific projects, much like a private consulting firm. https://18f.gsa.gov/consulting/ https://pages.18f.gov/joining-18f/who-we-are-hiring/position...

> This is cool, but,...18F are consultants, who pop in, wave a magic wand, and pop out.

My understanding is that some of what 18F does is short-term, project-based consulting for other government agencies, but that that isn't all of what 18F does.

The limited employment term things is a real concern for non-consulting, ongoing functions, but may have salutary effects, if it means that design for shared maintainability and succession planning aren't the kind of afterthoughts that they are many places in government.

It also is a natural defense against ossification.

Most Amazon employees only stick around for 2 years or so, but yet Amazon is still supporting its users.

The downvoters don't understand how federal contracts work- maintenance will be bid to the usual suspects, with the downward spiral that entails.

They will maintain it like any company does - hand off support for existing products as employees leave.

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