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I really like the concept and the mobile app is great, but I have to agree. The desktop version seems like it doesn't even get tested before it gets released. After every new version I open it up and immediately find obvious issues.

Most recently swiping an email would leaves a 'ghost' unclickable email in the inbox. Did no one test the main focus of the app? Prior to that they pushed out a release that crashed every time I opened it until I figured out how to delete my existing settings database.

Yesterday I tried to open it and it just told me "The app has been disabled" and refused to log me in.

El Captain has been out for more than a week now, and the search bar is just not working. Can you imagine an email client without search?

They also broke integration with OSX. You can't set the app as your default client, so when you click on an email address, Apple's Mail app opens instead.

Incredibly annoying.

It still annoys me that Apple took setting the default email and web applications out of the system preferences. That's exactly where it should go.

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