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It doesn't specify what the penalty must be, however (does it?). For example, US Code, in the criminal section (506) it says:

    (d) Fraudulent Removal of Copyright Notice. — 
    Any person who, with fraudulent intent, removes or
    alters any notice of copyright appearing on a copy
    of a copyrighted work shall be fined not more than $2,500.
They could make singing the wrong song a $20 penalty and presumably still comply with the treaty.

Consider how bad the sex offenders registry is. Now consider that that isn't even a criminal punishment (which is why it can be retroactively applied and extended, which a criminal punishment cannot be).

So it could work out to a nothing fine and all is well, but I would highly doubt it ending up as such.

A $20 fine and a criminal record, which as I understand it is something you _really_ don't want.

You don't want a felony record, but there are classes below that, including "infraction" which for the most part doesn't count.

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