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LogMeIn purchased, and absolutely ruined, Hamachi back in 2006. That program was the perfect lightweight virtual LAN client in existence with all the necessary features. Within months of acquisition, Hamachi had several "updates" and became bloated beyond recognition, slow, buggy, and downright unreliable. I have the worst taste in my mouth from what LogMeIn did to a perfectly working product and won't use anything they offer because of it.

I forgot about Hamachi! I used to love that back in college, and you are right, they destroyed it. Salted the earth.

Yeah, they really ruined Hamachi. There isn't really a suitable replacement even now, to the best of my knowledge. I still resent them for that.

I hope they don't ruin LastPass also, but from here on out I'll be intensely skeptical.

Suitable (and open source) replacement:



Also does a lot of other things, and is evolving into a full-fledged SDN layer. If you don't want to use the pretty GUI they give you to create/manage networks you can run your own 'network controller' -- see READMEs in GitHub.

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