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I am discovering the hard way that adwords and seo are slow to convert. And there is so much content on almost every keyword out there and most of that stuff is regurgitated content. But those content have backlinks and so my blog posts never make it to google first page.

Marketing is about figuring out what channel best works for your business and then scaling it up (what Dan said). Unfortunately, you cannot outsource this, until you have figured the channels out and chosen a few to focus on. Once done, you can then get someone who has experience in optimizing that channel and scaling the campaign up efficiently.

Adwords is amazing for validating your idea, but with the increased competition, it is becoming too costly if your LTV is not very high.

SEO takes a very long time (three years) as your domain needs to build authority. I would not bother about it at all, till I achieve product-market fit.

Look for other channels that your competitors are ignoring - channels like forums, or facebook ads, cross-promoting with a complementary product. Spend a fixed amount on each channel - say $500. You can then figure out which channel works best for your business.

As an example, for my self funded business, I did all the marketing and dev work for a year and a half. I tried adwords, facebook & twitter ads, buying banners on various relevant websites and forum postings. Once I had figured out the channel that converted the best (in my case forum sales threads), I hired someone for doing all the work in that channel.

If you want some suggestions on channels which might work, don't be afraid to mention your business here.

Thanks, I would appreciate all suggestions. My company is https://videocloudmanager.com and I am in online video platform market.we provide video hosting for business.

If this is a mature space because the channels are well defined. So the question is where do you expect paying users to come from? Have you gotten any successes with this approach? (Once you do, then it will make sense to get someone else to outsource the work to).

If you are building a video hosting service for businesses, do you know what they think of your business?

One suggestion would be getting someone unbiased to look at your competitors websites and your website and to pick who the top 2-3 solutions that they would evaluate.

If bills have to be paid, then pick up a job. But before you spend it on someone else, make sure that you are spending it on something that will have results.

One thought is if your product is in a mature space, I would recommend innovating with the channel. Maybe target a lower cost do-it-yourself customer? You will want your marketing (design, pricing, outreach/ads, and feature additions) to line up with that.

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