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Show HN: User screenshare videos with WebRTC (plot.io)
37 points by michaelstewart on Oct 8, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

Thanks Arnaud!

Good to see some of the cooler features of WebRTC getting leveraged – There are only so many apps that need video conferencing.

Thanks. Soon Chrome for Android will be supported!

Does anyone have a KVM/console server which does WebRTC (or even better, HTML5 of screen elements)?

Loving the product demo. Easy and clear to use instructions even for non tech-savvy users.


Do you need any plugins for this? Demo did not load for me. Might be corporate firewall.

No, you don't need any plugins. The WebRTC part of the demo only works in Chrome, Firefox and Opera. The product still works in all browsers it just doesn't offer the option for screen recording.

Maybe try refreshing the demo page? http://www.plot.io/product/

After entering my email, weren't I supposed to receive my screen recording?

We will be adding that as part of the product demo page but at the moment it just shows what your customers will experience. So currently, we receive those videos ourselves.

In the actual product, the end users don't receive a copy of the videos.

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