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Convox Rack 0.6: One-Off Processes, Visibility, and Stability (convox.com)
22 points by ddollar on Oct 8, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

One of the Convox core committers here. Convox is an open-source project that helps you build, deploy, and manage applications at any scale.

It achieves this by automating the provisioning and configuration of the best AWS primatives like ECS for containerized, and Kinesis for logs.

This last release adds lots of really useful tools for creating one-off containers. Something that ECS doesn't offer natively.

Any plans to include integration with the new AWS container registry? Seems like it could offload some of the orchestration for deploying a new docker image, no?

Absolutely! Our plan is to release support for the container registry as soon as it's generally available.

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