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Congrats for your search engine. I admire the work you did. The only reason I don't use DDG is that I'm Greek and the results for Greek keywords are many orders of magnitude off-mark compared to Google. Why is that? Any hope to improve results in the future?


I'm not sure if we improved for Greek in particular yet but this generally (non English) has been a focus recently so it should really be improving. I'd be curious if you notice any improvement and if the region toggle does anything for you.

I'm using it all morning (UTC +2 here) and I must say that it has improved drastically from the last time I've used the service! Cool :-)

Does Bing output good results for Greek queries? DDG had drawn from Bing in the past.

No, both Bing and Yahoo! lag far behind Google. DDG seems to be catching up though.

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