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We don't see too many Philly area firms getting attention on HN. I try to promote the area when I can (here or on Reddit). What would be your top reasons software engineers should consider the Philly tech scene as a place to work and live?

Lifestyle -- we moved here 9 years ago not knowing anyone -- after a rather complicated search for a great place to live and raise a family. There's a lot to it, but it is climate, affordability, architecture, culture, etc. Granted, some of that (maybe a lot) is personal preference but I think a lot of people share similar preferences.

Cheaper -- you can bootstrap really easily here compared to other places even nearby (DC, NYC, BOS).

Community -- it is really a nice community where you can really reach anyone really quickly and they're willing to help.

Would you add anything?

With lifestyle, I'd add that the Philly tech market is a bit different than many other cities in that the companies and startups are mixed between the city and the suburbs. If you prefer more suburban or rural areas for your home, you can find affordable places to live and choose to work in or outside the city and still access the culture the city provides (not to mention being ~1 hour from NYC and Baltimore). Or if you like to live in the city, you can still find commutable places to work outside the city. I think that's a bit unique.

I'll second community as well. Really helpful and approachable people in the startup community of Philly. I've never spoken to you, but have read that you are among the most approachable in the area.

I might add the available feeder system of colleges in the region - Penn being obvious, but some less obvious schools like Lehigh and Villanova that Philly firms can tap for talent. Unfortunately those students often leave Philly, but as they get more options to say they will do so.

I think the area is still in need of one or two big name companies to keep talent in the area. A larger dev satellite office of a Google/FB or even Netflix type would help keep those grads in the area after graduation, and at some point they may have grown deeper roots (families, kids in school) that might keep them in the area. I'm starting to see more and more local engineers moving west, as they feel they are "outgrowing" the area. I think a company with a good employer brand (as it relates to software) would come in and be able to hire a ton of great talent.

Thanks for answering, and best to your continued success.

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