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I think there is real value in consumers being able to glean value they want from their own data, would you or have you ever considered a program that allowed users to share data with you in exchange for services, ads or other products they continually found relevant?

We have anonymous cloud save now for DuckDuckGo settings, which is sort of like this already: https://duckduckgo.com/settings -- for example, you can set a language or region setting.

I think more generally you're right privacy is about control and choice, as I tried to explain in https://medium.com/life-learning/privacy-is-at-a-crossroads-...

totally agreed on that post (its one I've read before) - i think a consumer truly having control (I'd even envision a dashboard where you could give or retract access to your data instantly) is what would be most helpful for the consumer to truly take more care into what is happening in their lives as the physical digital worlds quickly merge into one.

That said, I'd also love to see a google apps like product from DDG that could really compete but promise not to sell my company's info or use it for useless ads and general spam

We would also like to see similar services across the spectrum and really believe people want private alternatives that they can switch to with little sacrifice. That said, search is difficult enough for us!

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