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Monochrome Chess (1996) (wunderland.com)
34 points by kachnuv_ocasek on Oct 7, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Interesting. I feel like there needs to be a rule which forces a stalemate at some point. Currently the only rule is 'when the players agree,'... but if one of them refuses to agree the game could never end until one player just resigns in frustration.

In FIDE chess, there is a rule something along the lines of 'if no pawn moves are made within fifty consecutive turns, the game is a stalemate.' This game should probably have a rule like, 'if no piece crosses the center line within fifty consecutive turns, the game ends.'

Edit... thinking about this more, I really can't think of a situation where the player refusing the stalemate could possibly benefit.

I guess the total potential score available on the board from the remaining pieces against the current score of each player would show the winner before a stalemate situation came about.

I can't resist the nitpick: you mean "draw", not "stalemate". A stalemate is one particular situation that causes the game to end in a draw.

Misunderstood the rules initially...at first I thought you lost if you ran out of pieces on your half, but that just ends the game. The value of the pieces you capture is all that matters.

Sat there for a while trying to figure out how you could force one side to remove their final piece.

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