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Falcon Social - Copenhagen, Denmark


Frontend Engineer - AngularJS

Founded in 2010, Falcon Social is an innovative social media management platform that has achieved rapid success in the European market and we are now expanding our operations with new offices in New York and Berlin. The core of our growth has come from our cutting edge Research and Development team based here in Copenhagen.

Our R&D team has extensive experience programming in Angular.Js and a strong knowledge of how modern frontends should be designed. We favour lightweight frameworks like DropWizard, we value a good domain model (DDD), we think in single responsibility (micro)services and we utilise good refactoring skills, pragmatism and craftsmanship.

Falcon Social’s frontend is a single page web application built with AngularJs, Bower, Grunt, D3.js on top of a REST flavoured HTTP+JSON api served by a lightweight Java8 backend running on DropWizard, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, AWS, Apache Spark and Python.

We push the limits of product delivery, experiment furiously and strive for technical excellence. We are agile, organise in cross-functional, autonomous teams (including Backend, Frontend, UI/UX, Cloud Operations, Mobile Development, Product Owners etc.) and focus on one product with a clear mission where everyone is equal and with each member's role respected.

We are a maturing startup with an engineering headcount of 25. We are not small anymore, and we are still growing rapidly so we value open people who take the initiative more than lone rockstars.

We also have a basement full of smoke machines of different shapes and sizes! #FogIt


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