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First, we had SquirrelMail and its ilk.

Then, Roundcube became the standard.

Their dominance is being eroded by Mailpile, RainLoop, and Nylas.

Around the edges, we have Peps[1], Mailr[2] & Kite[3] which may all someday take off.

Zimbra and the well known groupware vendors (OnlyOffice, Horde, Citadel, Kolab) are competing in more-or-less the same space.

Probably dozens of other projects that are on the same level that I have never even heard of. I would love some sort of comparison, even a biased one written by the respective teams. Anyone have useful links?

[1] https://github.com/MLstate/PEPS [2] http://pusto.org/en/mailr/ [3] http://khamidou.github.io/kite/

Karim, who built Kite a few years ago, is actually now an engineer at Nylas :)


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